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ISO 22000:2005

Our company applies a quality assurance system and has been certified to ISO 22000:2005 by TÜV AUSTRIA. TÜV AUSTRIA provides certification services for food quality assurance systems. It has been accredited by both the Hellenic accreditation organisation (Hellenic Accreditation System) and the German accreditation organisation (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle - DAkkS). It incorporates the following:

  •  HACCP requirements
  • Legal requirements currently in effect
  • General management system principles

In so doing, it provides a comprehensive, internationally recognised food-safety standard.

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Our company has been certified by the Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organisation, under the distinctive title AGROCERT. AGROCERT is a private law legal entity of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. It operates for the public benefit and is supervised by the Minister of Rural Development and Food (Greek Law 2637/98). Among other things, AGROCERT provides certifications for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products.

PGI is the name of a region, the name of a specific area or, in exceptional cases, the name of a country, used as a description of an agricultural product or food which:

  • originates from said region, area or country
  • has a specific quality, reputation or other trait attributable to its geographical origin
  • is produced, processed and prepared within the designated geographical area.

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Our company has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its food packaging materials.

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